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Welcome to Hotel Cronberger Hof

Your hotel on historic ground and your haven of tranquility in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region on the pulse of time!
And that for over 30 years!

The Hotel Cronberger Hof is located on historical ground. A fort already stood on this ground during the time of Roman rule. In 1334 a farm with a mill was mentioned in a document. In 1568, the namesake of the Cronberger Hof, Hartmut XIII von Cronberg, court marshal and grand court master in Kurmainz, chief magistrate in Höchst and Hofheim, acquired this property, which was previously known as the Bettendorfer Hof. In 1672 the court became the property of the Speyer Cathedral Chapter. After an eventful history, the Saalmüller family finally built the Hotel Cronberger Hof on the historic ground in 1992, which has been in our possession since April 2014. » more

Experience Ladenburg

Ladenburg is probably the oldest city in Germany on the right bank of the Rhine and thus one of the first and most important city foundations in the country. There is a lot to experience and discover for every generation. Let yourself be enchanted by the special old town ambience. » more


Visit Ladenburg and the picturesque old town.

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Rooms and prices

The equipment of the rooms and the corresponding prices are clearly presented here. Enjoy the historical ambience in a modern environment and relax in your room after an eventful day. » more